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Anonymous asked: "Would love to see more Carrie/Chloe Moretz Gifs. Sorry to be a bother! Not sure if you're still around or whatever, but I just saw the movie like three days ago so I'm literally in love with your Gifs. They're just lovely darling, thank you so much for making them <3"

ugh tumblr never tells me when i have inboxes on this acc. -.-

I’ve actually made more Chloe gifs from Carrie —>here<—

that’s my new personal tumblr and where all my new gifs will be posted. there are also more chloe gifs there :3 Thank you for the kind words and I hope you enjoy—just don’t repost!¬†

posted 2 months ago

pxrditax-archived-deactivated20 asked: "[Hey, can I use your gifs of Dakota Fanning from Hide and Seek and Push? Thank you so much, I really love your gifs!]"

sure thing :3

lilyysevans asked: "hi, can i use ur gifs of elle fanning as ginger in my lily evans role play? ive just joined a group and im just starting to collect gifs."

oh my god tumblr didn’t even tell me i had any messages D:

i’m so sorry, i have no idea when you sent this but yes yes! absolutely yes! enjoy x

Aislinn Paul gifs [Degrassi S10]


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beth-greene-dixxon asked: "When will you take requests??"

ahh honestly i don’t know.

i had planned to start taking them a LONG time ago but i haven’t/don’t have the time right now, especially with all the footage i would have to download on top of what I already have—it deffs takes up a lot of room on my computer ha.

but when I do decide to take open requests I’ll post something about it. Until then I might open up a certain amount of request spots here and there but you can always send in suggestions I suppose? :3

posted 5 months ago

Rooney Mara gifs [A Nightmare on Elm Street]


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Annie Clark gifs 2 [Degrassi S10 REDONE]


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hazelwolfpup asked: "Just wanna add again how amazing your gifs are! I adore your Mackenzie Foy ones and they help boost my muse and give me so much more gifs to use! The quality is amazing! Thank you so much for making them! :)"

awe thank you darlin <3

I’m currently working on some so expect the post to be updated soon~ and thank you for all the kinds words once again! x